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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcom X

Education is one of those weapons that have the power to change future. It is the basic right of every child but some children are denied of this right because of lack of resources. These resources include schools, books, fees, and proper guidance. We bridge this gap between students who want to study and the teachers who want to provide quality education. We do this by providing you with online and  offline video lectures that will help you to understand concepts thoroughly. We know that every student has different learning capacity. Many times, a child can’t understand topics in one go. With our video lectures, you can pause, rewind and replay the lessons till you understand them thoroughly. We believe that no child should be derived from quality education; hence we cover everything in the syllabus and also take time to time assessment. Our aim is to provide you with wings of education so that you can fly.

Benefits of Online Education

It gives you the freedom to study anything, gain new skills and discover a new passion for learning.

It provides you with the convenience of learning at your pace, from anywhere- be it your home or a café.

It makes learning interesting through live examples, online illustrations, and fun educational games.

Online Video Lectures

Why e-Learning with Personal Tutor ?

Let us imagine a scenario of a traditional class going on. There are around 50 students in a class and they are taught by one teacher. This is what every typical class looks like but what there are some things that should be considered.

Firstly, the understanding capability and learning of each and every student is different so how can all students learn at the same speed? Secondly, if a student doesn’t understand anything, he/she can ask the teacher to explain again, but what about other students who have already understood it? Thirdly, some students are willing to study well, but are a little bit slow and too shy to ask the teacher again. What about them?

Now imagine a classroom where every student has a learning device.  The teacher has pre-loaded the lessons in it as per the schedule. When the students come to the class, they start studying through the device and learn at their own pace and as per their understanding.  The teacher is now free to keep a check on students and has sufficient time to clear the doubts of students if any. Besides, the progress of the students is tracked and his work is evaluated so that teacher can know who needs to work harder.

E-learning with personal tutor, empowers students by giving them the opportunity to learn and understand at their own pace and making learning fun and interesting with the help of video lectures.


Students, through virtual learning, become self-motivated and self-dependent learners to grow and enrich their lives as well as the society.


Providing high school students with quality education through individual attention, personal guidance and a co-operative learning environment that caters to every student’s education needs.

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